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Our Services

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Electrical & Instrumentation Works

All kind of Electrical & Instrumentation works including supply of electrical spares. We have proficient team that are the backbone of our company for the continuous success till to date. So far we have done various Electrical and Instrumentation work in various fields. Detailed service of us;

  • HV/LV, Grounding cable laying and terminations.
  • M.C.C. panels, switchgears assembly and installation.
  • DCS, PLC, Telecommunication, PA and CCTV systems installation.
  • Instruments calibration.
  • Continuity checks and test.
  • Loop checks.
  • Pre-commissioning activities.
  • Operation and Maintenance

Construction Works

Work Construction Company is a professional team that can handle your building project from start to finish.

We will handle your project and transform your blueprints to reality with incredible commitment and timely completion.

We perform all types of civil construction for both Government and Private sector clients.

Our experience ranges from groundbreaking projects to infra modifications and upgrading works.

Manpower Supply

We supply well-trained and highly qualified manpower to work on oil rigs, offshore platforms, construction sites and fabrication projects.